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One of its kind platform providing WEALTH CREATION strategies along with HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT.

"WEALTH" is that 'ONE PILLAR' of life, that plays a major role in shaping one's "LIFESTYLE". WEALTH can definitely buy most of the things in life like FULFILLING one's NEEDS, CARING for COMFORTS, PAMPERING the LUXURIES & ACCOMPLISHING DREAMS. A person with financial freedom does not have to even worry about his medical expenses but of course, needs to maintain HEALTH himself.

It is quite tempting to go after WEALTH, but wealth without GOOD HEALTH, MORALS and SPIRITUALITY is HOLLOW SUCCESS. So here we are with a UNIQUE combination of HEALTH AND WEALTH.

At SWASTHA SAMPRADAA, we are focused on one's multi-dimensional development, hence we have exclusive programs for WEALTH CREATION through STOCK MARKET training and HEALTH CREATION through HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT training.

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Our Stock Market Training & Support

Where the course will be split into 3 parts:

All theories related to trading will be learnt and put to test on live markets consistently.


Where the students take up trades independently but without investments being involved.


Where the students take up live trades with the discretion of investment by mentor.


We completely believe that SUCCESS IS IN THE MIND. "TRADING is a MIND GAME" and WEALTH without HEALTH is no SUCCESS worth celebrating. Hence our course is designed in a way that every student enjoys a HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT once they joins us. We pay complete attention to one’s SUCCESS and in the process, we inculcate HEALTHY LIVING habits to have a HAPPY LIFE. We have programs to address the EMOTIONS, RELATIONSHIPS, HEALTH, FOOD HABITS for HAPPY LIVING which is a part of our learning curriculum.

Why Choose Us?

We are unique in the sense of teaching and supporting.
We follow a Schooling Methodology of teaching, hence the student gets all the time to understand, evaluate and test his learnings.
We explain what to do and what to avoid in markets and when some trades go wrong, we are there to support and correct.
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